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Become a Funlabs partner

Increase your visibility and attract new customers from all over Switzerland !


92% of consumers use the internet to search for sports and leisure activities


Give them a chance to find you easily using your customised showcase mini-site, indexed by Funlabs marketing experts.

Reassure them with our built-in customer feedback tool.


Your dedicated Funlabs showcase

Your trilingual custom mini-website 

Highlight your activities in detail, inspire the whole of Switzerland, even beyond its borders, to discover your offer.

Take advantage of customers recommendations

For 88% of Internet users, customer reviews are a decisive criterion of choice.

Stand out from the competition with our scoring tool, ideal for attracting new customers.

Master your brand image

You provide the content to publish in your dedicated space. We take care of enhancing it and translate it into German and English, before putting it online.

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Boost your sales

Funlabs allows you to act on different levels :

1.  Reflect your activities and regular rates on your Funlabs mini-site to attract more customers via third-party channels.

2. Opt for short-term offers at a discounted rate to attract and retain a new clientele..

Make sales 24/7

Your customers pay for your service on our website thanks to secure online payment.

Your presence on 3 media

Reach a diversified clientele thanks to our website, compatible on tablet and smartphone.

Increase your visibility

Our marketing and SEO experts make every effort to bring you the best search engine visibility - all in 3 languages.

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Our Funlabs services

Increased presence on the web


Your customised mini-site

A real showcase for your business, a window open to the world, knowing that 92% of consumers use the internet to search for sports and leisure activities.


Display your services online

Highlight the activities of your choice, add informations that can make a difference


Two types of offers

Regular : Publish your activities at regular price over a long time period.


Discount : Propose your services at a reduced price over a short time period.


Serenity & simplicity


Online sales

Outsource your transactions with peace of mind while reducing costs

To know your commission rate, contact us.

A winning partnership

You make a sale. We take a commission. Otherwise, you get all the above benefits free of change.


Secure payment

All financial transactions on our platform are entrusted to our E-payment partners of choice.

Customer acquisition



Customer opinions

Discover their degree of satisfaction. For 88% of consumers, opinions are an essential criterion in the purchase decision.


Visibility tool

Diversify and attract your customers from all over Switzerland.

Advantages of a partnership with Funlabs

Improve your key figures (turnover, productivity, number of clients...)

Attract and captivate new clients

Your presence on all our media guaranteeing your visibility

Access to an international customer base

Expansion and diversification of your clientele

Increased & unfaded visibility

No discount management on your distribution channels,  thus preserving your brand image

Our headquarter based partner relationship service is available and ready to answer your enquiries.

No investment from your side, or hidden costs

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Partnership business examples with Funlabs

Jean, 35, is a self-employed mountain guide. He wanted to promote his activity and share his secret spots to attract new clients..

Jean chose to join our network by filling out Funlabs partnership agreement.

Thanks to our partnership, Jean managed to broaden his clientèle and increased their loyalty, that allowed him to hire a second guide.

Pierre-Henri, 43, is a General Manager in a big ski resort. His objective was to expand and diversify his current customer base in order to invest in new infrastructures.

The services he offers being vast and diverse, Pierre-Henri opted for a direct contact with Funlabs in order to implement his investment.

Our partnership was beneficial for Pierre-Henri. He succeded not only to attract locals, but seduced also an international clientèle providing the necessary funds for his projects. Now he can offer much more activities and the infrastructure is bigger and faster than the competition.

Your request has been taken into account. Thank you for your interest in Funlabs. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible

Join Funlabs easily by filling out our contact form below !

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We will be pleased to contact you in order to discuss your case and our partnership opportunities.

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