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Contribute to Funlab's adventure

Are you passionate about sports, leisure and wellness ? 

Would you like to find your favorite brands in Funlab's offer at great prices and benefit from our special deals ?







She simply proposed to her yoga club to join Funlab's network of partners by filling out our partnership agreement.

Melanie, 25, is passionate about yoga and interested by Funlab's concept. 

She would like to benefit from Funlab's offer also in her current yoga club once it is launched.

Propose to the professionals of your choice to join Funlab!

How to invite new partners to join us?

Obtain a copy of our "Partnership Agreement" in digital (pdf) or print.

Fill in the field "convention apportée par ..." with your name and surname.

The future partner completes the agreement by offering a benefit and a discount and returns the signed form to Funlab.

Thanks to your talent, you and your new recruit will benefit from this partnership when you join Funlab.

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