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The origin of Funlab


It all started when two friends realised that despite the abundance of promotional offers and gift boxes, they never found a shoe to fit, a product that corresponds to their needs and their lifestyle in order to practice their favorite activities.
Funlab is also a Franco-Swiss start-up headquartered in the canton of Geneva, nestled between lake and mountains the ideal playground for the two friends.
They like leisure in all its forms, in nature or in urban environment and especially they are thirsty to discover
unusual and sensational places, original and exhilarating activities to practice, alone or in good company.
By wishing to integrate this lifestyle into their everyday lives, but living in an economy in which the cost of living increases and the purchasing power shrinks, the two friends decide to analyse the leisure market.
Thanks to their harmonious association that combines their lifestyle quest as well as their expertise in marketing, communications & advertising, and having forged their professional experience in multinational companies, the two friends are presenting you the outcome of their work: Funlab. In a few words ... allow you to fully enjoy life and its joys without having to make budget sacrifices.
This is the Funlab philosophy.
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